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10 Traits That Every Pharma Brand Manager Should Overcome

Demolish These 10 Heads of Ravan and Rule the Market

0savesSave Indian pharma industry is studded with insightful marketers. I am fortunate to have the chance to learn from many of them …

Trying to Build a Big Brand? 8 steps for THE Right Word.

right word 02A

0savesSave In my previous blog post “Trying to build a big brand? Do you own THE right word?” I explained why “owning” …

Trying to Build a Big Brand? Do You Own THE Right Word?

right word 03CC2

0savesSave Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step –          Chinese proverb Even the process of building a big brand is …

Never Do This When Competing with Big Brands

big vs small 02A

0savesSave Competing against big brands? Let’s accept it. Competition among diverse competing brands is never a battle among equals because different brands …

What Every Pharma Marketer Dreams Of and How To Make It Come True – Part 2

dreams come true 02A

0savesSave Consistently achieving business objectives without month end sales closing pressure is dream of perhaps every pharma sales and marketing personnel. I …

What Every Pharma Marketer Dreams Of and How To Make It Come True – Part 1

dreams come true 01A

0savesSave Imagine a scenario wherein after putting in month of efforts in field, the representative goes to the stockiest, prepares stock & …

Give Doctor a Break (Hint: It’s Not What You Think)

doctor break 01A

0savesSave No, I am neither referring to a doctor’s trip to Greece nor sponsoring him a holiday in Goa along with his …